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Reporting turnover to Adda

We charge an administrative fee to cover costs of the work we do in connection with a framework agreement. The fee is based on what you as a supplier report as turnover on the framework agreement. You report the turnover to us monthly. While the report form is only available in Swedish at the moment, this guide will help you complete the form.

Report via link on our website

  • There must be a person with you who is responsible for reporting the turnover to us.
  • On the first weekday of each month, the person designated as a reporting person receives an email with a clickable link to a web form for reporting.
  • The report must be received by us no later than the 15th or the 25th of each month depending on the agreement.

Which businesses should you report turnover for?

You must report turnover for all organizations that have made purchases from and are entitled to call-offs on the current framework agreement, regardless of whether they have made a call-off notification or not.

A contracting authority that is entitled to call-off on the contract is always entitled to prices and terms according to the relevant framework agreement. Therefore, it is important that you always ensure which agreement they want to buy from.

Reporting turnover – step by step

Report your turnover by opening the attached link in the email. You will see the reporting form in Swedish. An overview is presented below (click image to open full size version).

Screenshot of reporting form

Report your turnover by opening the attached link in the email. Choose from three options:

1. No sales to report?

If you have no turnover to report for the accounting period, click the Inget att rapportera (=Nothing to report) button. After that, your reporting is complete.

2. Manual reporting

If you prefer manual reporting, select the tab Lägg till ersättning (=Add turnover data). First select the type of organization you wish to make a report for. The types of organizations are:

  • Kommuner (=Municipality)
  • Landsting/Region (=Region)
  • Förbund (=Association)
  • Kommunala bolag (=Municipal coorporation)
  • Myndigheter (=Government agency)
  • Privata bolag (=Private company)

After choosing an organization type you can find the corresponding organizations in the Enhet (=Unit) dropdown. You can select the municipalities, regions and companies that have purchased on the agreement and add their net sales in SEK. Negative amounts can be added if necessary. Check the data and click the Skicka in (=Submit) button. Your report is complete. 

3. Upload data via Excel document

If you prefer to report in Excel or have many customers to report from, there is a template that can be downloaded by clicking the Mall för att rapportera in statistik (=Download excel template) button.

Fill in the necessary information about the municipalities, regions and municipal companies for which you are to report. Enter their organization number in the format xxxxxx-xxxx and their respective sales in SEK. The Excel template also handles negative amounts. Please note: Do not summarize the report and do not type any external text in the Excel template.

Save the file to your computer when you are done reporting and upload it by clicking the Ladda upp excel (=Upload excel) button. After that, click on the Skicka in (=Submit) button and your report is complete.

Please note that turnover on the agreement must be reported for each municipality, region and company.